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I make handcrafted objects, principally from wood. Alongside more conceptual art projects, I like to maintain a traditional, craft-based studio practise, as both channels support and inform one another. With training in historical and ornamental carving and lettering, I produce commissions from restoration and copy-carving, through to bespoke commemorative plaques and sculptures. I value carved objects not only for the continued practice and heritage of the craft, but also the quality and lifespan of the objects produced.

Using these traditional skills which have been practised for hundreds if not thousands of years is a large part of what interests me. There is a direct and intuitive relationship with a natural material, and the limitations it offers. To make a beautiful object, one must have a conversation with the material, rather than simply telling it what to do. Wood in particular has a tactile and infinitely varied nature, and reacts to its environment with a will of its own. The organic and sustainable benefits are significant too, as environmental concerns do influence my practise.

With a background in graphic illustration and scenic prop-making, I try to combine my diverse skill set and bring a contemporary focus to the craft. A comprehensive knowledge of western art history acts as the foundation, but I gain inspiration from cultures across the world. No project is too alien, and I am always keen to add a new string to my bow.

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